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Our children are bold and adventurous and as their parent, you’re bound to end up with an emergency at some point, whether it’s a sprained arm or a bumped head. But, when a dental emergency occurs, it can be tricky to know where to go first. How do you respond when a dental emergency occurs, and you don’t have an appointment at an office?

First, consider the urgency of the situation. Is this a first-thing-in-the-morning type emergency, or a right now type of emergency? If it is the latter and you need help right away, the first step is to call 911. If it can wait a bit longer until you can get an appointment scheduled (which is usually the case for a chipped tooth or a minor toothache), simply call our office first thing.

But, what if it can’t wait? Our office offers emergency dental services any time day or night. However, knowing when to call 911 or when to come straight to your dentist will take your parental instincts. Consider what happened and what pain/symptoms your child is experiencing to make the right decision. Assuming it’s a lost tooth or something that needs special attention from your dentist but isn’t life-threatening, calling our office is probably the way to go.

Give our office a call next time you need care for your child’s dental health. Our staff will assist you if they are available, and your child will be able to head home as soon as the procedure is done with the problem behind you and the pain subsided.

If your child has a dental emergency in Durango, contact our office for the proper course of emergency treatment.

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